Carmen & Kevin: Wedding Blizzard 2016

Carmen wanted a little snow to compliment her winter wedding.  She got a blizzard instead.  Did it stop the wedding? Nope.  Did friends and family still gather and celebrate?  Absolutely.  I can honestly say it was a weekend I won't forget anytime soon.   I made preparations and changed my agenda to make sure I was as accessible to the couple as possible from Friday through Sunday.  Without the help of all the plow companies, salt trucks and people who shoveled non stop for hours, we would of run into major travel issues, which there were none.  Everybody traveled safely and took their time and though it took longer to get to certain areas, we made it.  The couple braved the elements, laughed and screamed with happiness in the snow and threw down for one helluva reception.  I will let the very "cool" pics tell the tale, but my favorite moment from the night was when myself and my Associate photographer, Joe caught Kevin in the hallway and he said to us, "It was not what we planned for the day, but I couldn't be any happier at this moment."  That my friends is love.  Enjoy

Jeffrey SabottaComment